Benefits and Specs of the Leaf Catcher

  • The Leaf Catcher material is 80% industrial strength UV treated shade netting available in blue only.
  • The 80% density is used as it is easily stretched over the swimming pool, and reduces water evaporation with up to 70%.
  • The Leaf Catcher is manufactured using mono-filament polyethylene strands treated with blue filament and plastisiser.
  • The Leaf Catcher gets fitted to the shape and size of your swimming pool and gets attached with stainless steel hooks, plates and screws. The materials edge gets reinforced with webbing and stainless steel eyelets at each anchoring point.
  • The material is porous which allows rainwater through.
  • The Leaf Catcher is only applicable as a safety barrier for small pets of up to 15kg.
  • Excellent option to keep out leaves and to keep small pets from drowning.

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