Our Pool Safety Covers come in an array of colours to suit your exterior look and taste

Pool Covers and Safety Nets supplies these covers in Khaki, Navy Blue, Sky Blue, Dark and Light Grey. These Covers are NOT stitched but welded for extra longevity and sized to your pool's customized size and is guaranteed for a year. Besides saving costs on your consumable bill it will be a relief to know that your water will stay cleaner and fresher for months, saving costs on electricity and maintenance bills!

Benefits and Specifications on the Solid Safety Pool Cover

- Ease of use and Simplicity of design: The Solid Safety Pool Cover is specially designed so it can quickly and easily be taken off and on the swimming pool. The Safety Cover is supported across the swimming pool with aluminium battens (poles) which is secured within the PVC Pool Cover. One end gets secured and anchored into place with a stainless steel hook and plate. The opposite end have corresponding ratchets which allows the cover to be tightened.
- Drainage System: The Solid Safety Pool Cover features drainage holes to eliminate the risk of water gathering on top of the Pool Cover. Water will drain through the drainage holes.
Toddler and Pet Proof: The Solid Safety Pool Cover is toddler as well as pet proof. The lockable strapping ratchet system makes it difficult for a small child to tamper with or attempt to release the Pool Cover.

- Aesthetics: Not will you only have peace of mind with a secured swimming pool, it looks great too.
-  Colour choices: The most popular colours is dark blue, black, khaki, and dark grey but you can choose from a variety of colours to match the overall feel of the outdoor living area.
-  Electricity Energy Saving: With a Solid Safety Pool Cover you can save up to 70% on your electricity bill. You can reduce your swimming pool pump running time up to 70% as well as chemical usage and overall maintenance as sunlight is the only source that draws chemicals from your swimming pool.
-  Reduce Water Evaporation: This Pool Cover has proven to reduce water evaporation with up to 98% which saves you a lot on the long run especially with all the water restrictions this might be just what you need.
-  Material used: 600gsm Tarpaulin with a PVC coating. Aluminium battens (poles). Industrial strength ratchets.

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