Solar Pool Bubble Cover: West-Coast

Solar Blanket for your Pool

Pool Covers and Safety Nets offers you the Solar Pool Cover, also known as the Geo Bubble Solar Blanket. This solar blanket orĀ  Cover offers additional swimming months into autumn and pre-winter months by naturally heating your pool without electricity, using the rays of the sun. It also reduces evaporation of water, saving you money and it keeps leaves out of your pool.

Benefits of having a Solar Blanket Cover for your Pool

  • Heating your Swimming Pool's Water
  • It Reducing Electricity Costs
  • Evaporation from the sun is Minimised
  • Water Consumption is Minimised
  • One uses less Chemicals because your Pool stays cleaner longer
  • It prevents Debris, like Leaves, Seeds and Flowers from entering the Pool
  • It Prolongs your Swimming into the Autumn Season