Leaf Net Covers for Pools: Stellenbosch

Pool Leaf Net or Catcher

Swimming pool leaf nets or leaf catcher covers are perfect for pools located near a tree or where leaves seem to constantly blow into the pool.

Keep Leaves Out of Your Pool with the Leaf Catcher/ Mesh Net Cover

This long-lasting mesh cover consists of knitted polyethylene to allow water through as it prevents larger debris and leaves from getting into the pool.

Our Mesh Leaf Catcher / Net comes with a wire cable, metal winch and fastening straps to make sure that it is firmly in place and it is strong and safe enough to even carry pets!

Some Benefits include:

  • Keep Debris out
  • Save water (up to 65%)
  • Looks Neat
  • Save on Chemical Expenditures
  • Economical Price Wise
  • Pets Safe